Civic Foundation Energiewende Oberland
Bürgerstiftung Energiewende Oberland

The civic foundation Energiewende Oberland was founded in 2005 by 86 founders, consisting of private founders, companies, municipalities and administrative districts.

Energiewende stands for the German term for the transition to an energy system, which is completely free from fossil fuels. Therefore the civic foundation supports the approach to

  • Use less energy (energy sufficiency)
  • Increase energy efficiency (through technical innovations and political decisions)
  • Use renewable energy 

Fields of Activities

The Civic Foundation Energiewende Oberland conducts several, publicly co-funded, projects, which focus on informing the public, political and economic decision makers about the opportunities of energy efficiency and renewable energy and support their implementation
develops and runs educational programmes for Schools serves as an unbiased contact point for citizens, municipalities and companies

Energiewende Oberland Main Goals of the Civic Foundation

  • to support sustainability measures in politics, economy and private households
  • to support self-determination of citizens
  • to be politically and economically independent and to be free of religious and political commitments
  • to avoid any dominance of founders, supporters, political parties or companies
  • to focus on the region of the administrative districts of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Miesbach, and Weilheim-Schongau
  • to receive political support through local administrative districts and municipalities
  • to receive financial support in order to invest in projects, which are determined by their engagement of citizens
  • to engage with the public through publicity and information measures, in order to give every citizen of these administrative districts to participate

Development of the Civic Foundation

Since 2005 the number of financial supporters has steadily been growing. Starting in 2005 with 86 founders the civic foundation now counts over 235 supporters, consisting of 72 municipalities, 21 organisations, 74 private companies, and 69 citizens.


Stefan Drexlmeier (General Manager)


Phone: +49 8856 80 53 6-10




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